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A to Z is a new extremely addictive game . Enjoy the colorful graphics and funny music in a beautiful modern look!

The rules from A to Z are super easy!

Place the letter that appears is generating randomly (A - B - C - D - E ) .

Experiments identical letters to put together to get a series of at least 3 same letter .

3 and more letters always give the following letter ,

example : A + A + A = B + B + B = C , etc ...

What makes A to Z unique?

  • Beautiful colorful graphics in a modern look !
  • Amusing background music create a good mood while playing!
  • Very good optimization , no battery eater !
  • Discreetly placed advertising for the game in the foreground remains !
  • Extremely addictive gameplay !
  • playable with just one finger !
  • No annoying in app purchases so you can enjoy the game fully !
  • Have fun playing!

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